Here are some answers to questions you may have about Fay’s, our products or even

just cabinetry and remodeling in general:

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  FAY's FAQs

About Fay’s:

Q:  How long have you been in business?
A:  Fay’s Fine Cabinetry was established in downtown Nashua over 20 years ago by Norman Fay.  In 2013, the company was purchased by Laurie and Dave Grebowski who now manage the business; however Norm continues to work with us offering his skills and expertise to a loyal following of customers.

Q:  What is the process for getting a proposal for my project?
A:  The best place to start is our showroom in the heart of downtown Nashua, NH.  Bring in whatever you have to provide background for your project (rough sketches, photographs, pictures from magazines, whatever!) and we can show you what we have to offer and maybe some similar projects that we’ve done for others.  

Once we have a better sense as to what you are looking for and the overall budget for your project, we can bring samples out to your home so that you can see how they look in the light of your room and how well they go with the rest of your home’s décor.  We’ll also take measurements of your home and use these to create scaled design drawings so that you can start to see your vision take shape.  

At this point we can put together a cost estimate for your cabinets and any other products or services that you want to include in your project.  After a follow-up meeting to review the initial designs and project budget we’ll make revisions and enhancements based on your feedback to nail down the design of your dreams.  From there we’ll work with you to make final selections of finishes, hardware, countertops, tile and appliances to make sure that everything fits together beautifully.  

When everything has been decided and you’re ready to move forward, we’ll ask you for a deposit for your purchase and will place your order.  Then it’s just a matter of time (and a fair amount of dust) before you see your project come together and can show it off to your friends and family.

Q:  Is there a charge to have you come out to my home and take measurements or create a project design?
A:  No, Fay’s does not charge a home visit or design fee.  A home remodeling project is a big decision.  While we invest a significant amount of time an effort on our customers’ behalves, we want you to be 100% comfortable that you are making the right choice before we ask you to make a financial commitment to us.

Q:  Am I able to keep the drawings for my project?
A:  Because we do not charge a design fee, we cannot allow customers to keep copies or photos of their drawings until a purchase commitment has been signed.  Our designers spend hours of their time and professional skill reviewing your project, visiting your home and developing a design that meets all of your needs and wishes.  While there is no charge for this service, we hope you appreciate the value that these designs represent.  If you have a need or desire to take the drawings prior to committing to an order, you can obtain them by paying a design retainer based on the work that was required to create them.

Q:  Do you handle new construction projects too, or just remodeling?
A:  Yes, Fay’s has experience with both types of projects.  Kitchens and baths are a very specific aspect of home design.  The assembly of cabinet components, proper ergonomics an clearances, coordination of finishes, materials, tile, counter, hardware, appliance and fixture selections are often best handled by a dedicated kitchen and bath designer even for new home construction projects.

Q:  Is the cabinet hardware (knobs and pulls) included in the cost of the cabinets?
A:  Wood-Mode offers a selection of over 70 different hardware styles that are included free of charge with your cabinet order.  Of course if you are not able to find something that suits your taste within this array of options we will be happy to get you any other style that you like, but would have to charge the corresponding price for your selection.

Q:  Do you accept credit cards for purchases?
A:  Yes, Fay’s accepts Visa and MasterCard.

About our Products:

Q:  What brands of cabinets does Fay’s offer?
A:  We proudly offer Wood-Mode and Brookhaven cabinets, two of the most respected American made brands in fine home cabinetry offering a Lifetime Warranty against product defects.  

Q:  Are Wood-Mode and Brookhaven custom cabinet lines?
A:  Yes, there are tens of thousands of combinations and options that can be achieved through either the Wood-Mode or Brookhaven catalog and many customization alternatives within each of these.  Custom colors, finishes and alterations are available within both lines.  You’d be hard-pressed to come up with an idea that cannot be accomplished in Wood-Mode cabinetry.

Q:  Where are your cabinets made?
A:  Master craftsmen have been making Wood-Mode and Brookhaven brand cabinets at Wood-Mode’s factory in Kreamer, Pennsylvania since 1942.

Q:  What’s the difference between Wood-Mode and Brookhaven cabinetry?
A:  While both Wood-Mode and Brookhaven cabinets are made in the same factory by the same master craftsmen and both brands offer a Lifetime Warranty, there are a number of upgrades that are available only through Wood-Mode.  Some special finishes, door styles and customization options can only be selected as part of the Wood-Mode line.  Wood-Modes signature “hand-rubbed” finish and the rich elegance of the company’s new walnut cabinetry are also unique to the Wood-Mode brand.  

Q:  What are the advantages of buying Wood-Mode cabinetry versus cabinets made by a local shop?
A:   The controlled manufacturing process that Wood-Mode utilizes in making their cabinets ensures a level of precision and consistency that cannot be reproduced by a local craftsman.  The Wood-Mode finishing process itself includes up to 25 steps, allowing them to offer their lifetime warranty and absolutely stunning cabinets.  It also means that should you damage a cabinet door years after your cabinets were installed, we will be able to provide you with a replacement that will match the rest of your cabinets to a T.

Q:  How does Wood-Mode’s Lifetime Warranty work?
A:  Your Wood-Mode cabinetry is warranted against defects of material and workmanship for as long you own them.   For details regarding Wood-Mode’s Lifetime Warranty and how to make a claim, visit:  For information on the Brookhaven Lifetime Warranty, visit:

About our Services:

Q:  How long does it take to complete a remodeling project?

A:  This is a really difficult question to answer.  Each project is different in terms of its scope and complexity.  While cabinets can typically be delivered within 6-8 weeks from the time of order, the total time it takes to complete a project also depends on installation, countertops, plumbers, electricians and of course how quickly you are able to make final selections on the components and providers for your project.  We are always willing to work towards a target completion date if you have one, but a reliable timeline can’t be completed until we have a chance to see what’s involved in your project and how many trades people need to be involved to get the job done.

Q:  What’s a good “ballpark” price for a kitchen or bathroom project?
A:  Just like the question above, it’s tough to give even ballpark numbers for a project until we know what’s being designed into it.  Everyone wants an answer to this question before they invest too much time into making selections scheduling site visits and having designs completed – and as consumers we would not feel any differently.  Unfortunately, we’ve seen too many times when the renovation, product and finish selections that the homeowners make take the final cost to a place that is significantly different than what was originally anticipated.  The best way to approach this issue is to establish a target number that you are comfortable with and then give us a chance to show you just how much value we can deliver for that price.  This allows everyone to know from the start that expectations are in line with what is realistic for the project.

Q:  Does Fay’s offer installation support?
A:  Yes we do.  Fay’s works with some of the most experienced and respected installers and remodelers in the area.  When it comes to a remodeling project, there can be a lot of “moving parts” that need to fit together seamlessly.  We’re happy to take the worry of having to coordinate multiple subcontractors and timetables off your plate so you can sleep better at night knowing that your project is in good hands.

Q:  Can I use my own contractor?
A:  Absolutely.  At Fay’s we want to be able to accommodate whatever works best for your needs, regardless of whether that’s turn-key project service or just cabinets.  While we have an outstanding group of contractors and subcontractors whose skills and customer dedication we have personally experienced, if you would prefer to bring your own contractor into a project, we’ll be happy to work with them to make sure that the plans, timing and the end-product all meet your expectations.

About Cabinetry:

Q:  What’s the difference between “framed” and “frameless” cabinets?
A:  A framed cabinet includes a “face frame” (or picture frame) assembly that is added to the front of the cabinet boxes.  Framed cabinets are needed when you are selecting an “inset” door style, however they can also be included with “overlay” doors.  When you include a frame on your cabinets, it can limit the access that you have to interior storage and will also narrow the width of drawer boxes; however some people still prefer the look of framed cabinets.  Both styles are available from Wood-Mode and Brookhaven.

Q:  What’s the difference between “full overlay”, “partial overlay” and “inset” cabinets?
A:  With a “full overlay” door style, the cabinet doors and drawer fronts overlap the entire front of the cabinet boxes so that they are directly adjacent to the cabinet doors and drawers alongside them.  In other words, you do not see any of the box or framework behind them.  Both “partial overlay” and “inset” designs require a face frame as described in the previous question.  With a “partial overlay” the doors and drawer fronts still overlap the front of the cabinets; however they are set back from the edge so that a portion of the frame behind them is exposed.  With an “inset” design, the doors and drawer fronts actually fit within the openings of the face frame so that they are flush with the frames rather than in front of them.  Again, all 3 options are available through Wood-Mode and Brookhaven.

Q:  What does it mean when people talk about “glazing” on a cabinet?
A:  Glazing is an optional tint that can be applied overtop of a natural wood or painted finish.  This glaze can be applied either to the overall surface of doors and drawer fronts, or just within the corners and crevices to highlight the details of a door style.  Adding a glaze to your cabinet finish can sometimes give a vintage effect to the overall appearance of your project.

Q:  What’s the difference between plywood and particle board cabinets?
A:  There is a lot of debate surrounding the merits of plywood versus particle board cabinet boxes.  First, we should state that Wood-Mode particle board is not like the particle board that you might find at a local lumber yard.  Wood-Mode and Brookhaven cabinets use only premium furniture grade particle board.  This material is engineered for durability and stability so that it won’t warp as a result of age, humidity or other environmental effects.  Still, both options are available through Wood-Mode and Brookhaven.  There is a slight up-charge for plywood cabinet boxes; however this is based on the increased cost for plywood rather than any real performance difference between the two